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How Does It Work?

The Back Cover Book Club is a social project that encourages people to talk to each other in public spaces by using the shared activity of reading to facilitate the conversation.

Anyone can take part - all you need is a book, a printer and a plain sheet of paper.

- On this website, you'll find the design for a 'book wrap': a slip of paper that displays the words "let's talk about this book". You can download it as a PDF and print it off on an A4 sheet of paper using a standard printer (colour not necessary).

- Cut out the book wrap and fold it around the back cover of the book that you're reading. If you need to secure it to the inside cover, you can do so with Blu-Tack or masking tape, which are both easily removable.

- By displaying this book wrap on the book that you're reading, you are openly inviting other people to approach you to discuss it.

Why? Because our parents told us not to talk to strangers. Social conventions are funny things - necessary at times but often limiting. We spend so much of our lives occupying public spaces, with unfamiliar people all around us. They share our commutes and wait with us in queues. We literally brush shoulders. However, engaging with these people is an unwritten no-no. Heck, even making eye contact with your fellow travelers is considered a faux pas. This project aims to use the explicit identity of the book wrap to give people a license, or socially-approved opportunity, to talk to one another.

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Italian translation by Alessia Mazzarella:

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